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Technical Specifications:

Street prepared specs:

  • Price as sold: between $17-19,000 USD (window sticker 265KB)
  • Motor: B21FT (8v 4cyl, 398 head, intercooled)
  • Transmission: M46+OD (stepped flywheel) or AW71
  • Fuel System: Standard Bosch K-Jetronic (CIS)
  • Cam shaft: Volvo "T" grind 9.94mm lift
  • Turbo: Garret Air Research T3 (.43/.48 wheels?)(10.5psi of boost)
  • Exhaust: Standard 240 turbo exhaust (2 1/3"?) with catalytic converter and 1 rear muffler
  • Output: (SAE J 245) 157hp/5,100 rpm
  • Max Torque: (SAE J 245) 175ft. lbs./3,900 rs

Race prepared specs:

  • Motor: B21ET (8v 4cyl 2141cc )
  • Bore and stroke: 92,3 x 80,0
  • Fuel System: K-jetronic, heavily modified (water injection in 1984)
  • Fuel tank: 110 liters
  • Cams: 1 OHC
  • Power: 307 HP/6000 (330hp in '84 and 350hp in '86)
  • Turbo: 1 Garrett turbo (group-a spec, T04?)
  • Transmission: Getrag 5-speed
  • Weight: minimum weight 960. actual: 1100 kg (1065kg in '86)
  • Brakes: ?
  • Wheels: ?x16 in front and 11x16 in rear
  • Tires: maximum of 10" wide - Dunlop (Pirelli in '86)
  • Division: 3
Known Drivers:
Greger Petersson
Ulf Granberg
Thomas Lindström
Stanley Dickens
Anders Olofsson
Valentin Simons
Pierre Dieudonné
Michel Delcourt
Eje Elgh
Jean-Marie Pirnay
Robert Kvist
Borje Thor
Patrick Nève
Per Stureson
Ingmar Persson
Michel Delcourt
Jean-Marie Baert
Frank Jelinski
Giorgio Cipolli
Known teams/sponsors:
Team Delcourt
IPS Racing
GTM Engineering
TL Racing AB
Johnny Cecott
Robbie Francevic
John Bowe
Peter Kroeber
Gianfranco Brancatelli
Robert L. Kvist


Specs provided with the publicly sold cars:

An additional pamphlet was included with these models in the owners manuals about the "new" intercooler system otherwise noted as IBS (intercooler boost system):

"The standard B21FT turbo engine employs a turbo-charger to force air at a boost pressure of 6.5 psi into the engine inlet manifold. A resulting increase in air flow mass improves power output by approximately 30 horsepower over that developed by the normally aspirated B21F engine.

In carrying the tuning process one stage further, the Intercooler Boost System cools the compressed inlet air and increases the boost pressure to 8 psi.

An RPM sensor triggers the on-off valve to control the pressure to the wastegate actuator. This increases the boost pressure by a further 2.5 psi when the engine is running with wide open throttle above 3700 RPM.

The intercooler is located between the turbo compressor and the inlet manifold, and limits intake air temperature rise to approximately 70°F (21°C). This compares with about 190°F (87°C) for the standard turbo engine. Resulting in increased air density, and boost pressure improves the engine power output by a further 30 horsepower over the standard turbo engine.

Engine torque is increased over the full working RPM range, producing improved performance characteristics without compromising appreciably, the smoothness or noise level over that of the standard engine."


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